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JERRYCARCC is a fuel handling business that started in 2008 when a diesel bowser was manufactured to increase efficiencies on a maize farm outside Frankfort in the Free State. Neighbouring farmers expressed an interest in the revolutionary design of the trailer, kickstarting the production of the Jerrycar fuel tank trailers.

Over the years, the range has grown and developed to cater for the specific requirements of its customers. Today JERRYCARCC delivers on-site fuelling support and fuel handling solutions to public enterprises, private individuals and businesses in various industries all over South Africa, including some African countries.

The rugged design and heavy-duty axel and suspension ensure that the trailers can withstand rigorous off-road conditions, offering maximum durability and ground clearance.


  • The manufacture, sale and distribution of fuel bowsers
  • The sale of fuel transfer equipment
  • Service and maintenance at the premises of JERRYCARCC

Key features

  • SABS approved
  • Compliant with the safety standard of the National Road Traffic Act (Act 93/1996), including the regulations issued under this act
  • Ten sided, 600, 1100 and 1800 litre steel tanks
  • 50mm lockable fuel inlet, breather pipe and 25mm drain plug
  • Capacity to handle diesel, paraffin, Avgas, petrol, Jet A-1 and other fuel products that meet Class 3 combustible requirements


Telephone: +27 (0)58 813 1091

Email: info@jerrycar.com

Email: sales@jerrycar.com